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Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria


Pizza is our passion

La pizza è la nostra passione

Our pizza is more than a slice of sustenance, it's a form of artistry with a deep history baked right in. Our pizzaiolo, Francesco makes every pizza true to the pizza Napoletana identity - with wheat flour dough kneaded by hand, aged for a set period, topped with the best ingredients, baked for three minutes in a blisteringly hot wood-burning oven, and enjoyed immediately.


Our crew comes from all around Italy to serve you the best pasta and Italian cuisine the Bay Area has to offer.

Check out our flavorful menu and come to visit us soon!

We're open for indoor & outdoor dining and takeout! 

 Call us to place a pick-up order at (925) 249-5484

or visit us for indoor or outdoor dining on our covered patio!

Sempre fatto con amore.

We believe that handmade food is made naturally with more love - and you can taste the difference. 


Our Italian dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and served with extra care by our warm and friendly staff. Join us for lunch or dinner and you'll instantly feel transported to the Amalfi Coast.

Real Italian food made with love.