Italian Pizza Near Me

Locanda Amalfi: Italian Pizza Near Me

Are you searching for Italian pizza near me that offers fresh ingredients, like extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and homemade pesto and pasta sauce? Think, marinara with fresh ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, and basil. Maybe you crave a pesto pizza or a small bite pizza that boasts fresh ingredients such as basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, and grated parmesan cheese.

Locanda Amalfi offers authentic Italian pizza near me, with all fresh ingredients. And we also make delicious pizza bites with those same fresh ingredients. Our garlic chicken pizza with a white sauce is heavenly. If you love BBQ, we have an American twist with BBQ chicken pizza. And we make sure that there's something for everyone with our vegetarian pizza, small bite pizza, and garlic cheese bread.

When you look for Italian pizza near me, you probably aren't looking for the standard pizza you get from a pizza franchise. Instead, you want Italian pizza near me, that's authentic. If you're seeking an authentic Italian experience, that's what you'll find at Locanda Amalfi. An Italian meal at Locanda Amalfi is a ritual. Here, you can enjoy a family gathering with food and wine.

You'll savor the fresh ingredients such as high-quality extra virgin olive oil as a dip for Italian focaccia bread or drizzled over salad. We use well-aged balsamic vinegar in our marinades and dressings, so every bite you take is an explosion of tastes. Then dig into one of our delicious Italian pizzas, such as our Salsiccia E Porcini with Italian sausage, porcini mushrooms, truffle oil, and mozzarella.

Maybe you love capers, porcini mushrooms, and the fragrant smells of garlic and oregano. If so, you'll fall in love with this Italian restaurant near me. Our delicious marinara is a flavorful combination of tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, and basil. If you crave a pesto with basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, and grated parmesan cheese, you won't be disappointed. We also offer Italian beer, Aperol spritzers, Amaretto di Saronno with espresso, and delicious cocktails. And you don't want to leave without trying our rich and decadent Ricotta E Pistacchio or Zeppoline for dessert.

If you're searching for authentic Italian pizza near me, small bite pizza, and all the Italian classics, try Locanda Amalfi. We're sure that you'll enjoy the atmosphere, outdoor dining, and friendly service as much as our delicious pizza, small bite pizza, and more, all with all fresh ingredients that bring the taste of Italy to your neighborhood. Check out our reviews online to find out more.